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This event is addressed only to couples
(we are making sure to take all precautions and measures for a safe and rewarding experience. If you need more info about the safety regulations that we apply, feel free to send us a message and inform you about.)

About the place

Lessons are taking place in Manolis House in Douliana. This peacefull cottage house, has a swimming pool and a dancing place under the trees.
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who's teaching and what


  One has to discover his own truth through his art and performance. 

The biggest discovery that happened to us personally during our tango lives was that the demanding process of attaining skill, which is an undeniable necessity for achieving artistry freedom,  lead to improved behavior.

Without further input, technique cultivates the way of doing things. 

The more we study, the more we dig in, the mere technique bring us to the essence of tango  which is RESPECT FOR THE OTHER.

To be effective or careful requires technique. That is not new.

But all this eventually will push you forward to be more gallant and polite. 

Not only in a social accepted way, but in a deeper, holistic sense of respect.


We believe in improvisation.

We believe in the “ if it works, it works” mechanics

We choose these principles even for our “formal” performances.

 Our efforts to transmit this as teachers, is a constant adventure, and we are grateful to our students for giving us these experiences.

However we always stand behind this quote:

“A Teacher is only pointing out the road for you, not leading or escorting you.”

We offer you a deep approach and a unique opportunity to really study your tango.

Our goal during that project, is to evolve your tango to the next level and become a better, more fluent and a more advanced version of your inner dancer/artist.

You don't need to be a teacher to dance beautiful.

You don't need to be a professional to know your art.

You only need to study and practice just a little more.

   During the TANGOLUCIDO project we will share our ideas about what passion is for us. 

 For us true passion is the deep understanding of technique. 

"Feeling" can exist, but without profound understanding of what you're doing and why, can never emerge at the surface.

  We will be teaching a set of social applicable multitools. Easy to grasp but with endless possibilities for your dancing.

We will  also focus on the musical patterns and motives of the melody (and not rhythm), as we believe and teach that it is essential to grasp the rhythm through the melody and not vice versa.

  We are inviting you at this tango retreat, as an excellent occasion to grow your tango skills on a peaceful environment, in the heart of a well-preserved traditional Cretan village of Apocoronas Region.

Frini & Dimitris

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Tel: +30 6972013505

Douliana Apocoronou Chania Crete Greece 73008

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