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TangoMoves Gallery

Milonga Brava

The TangoMoves Girlz in action!

Frini and Dimitris are directing this sweet little video clip with the powerfull yet delicate girls of the TangoMoves lessons! .Music : Milonga Brava by orq Francisco Canaro.

Women's technique Tangomoves

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Demo video from various topics of tangomoves lessons.
Dominate your balance, Rule your axis, Define your posture,
Be a woman. Not a “follower”  


TangoMoves Workshop

Sample from a TangoMoves Workshop in Crete

More Than  Embellishments/Adornos    

More Than Balance 

More Than Agility

More Than Becoming faster

More Than Being a “good follower”

TangoMoves fun video!

Faces and poses from tangomoves classes

Tough ,yet rewarding

intellectual, yet sexy

balanced, yet spicy


is about having serious fun.

Chacha cha embelishments

Frini is demonstrating some chacha adornos

Add some chachacha to your tango dance! Embellisments for the stacato rythms of Canaro, Biagi and Darienzo.

Demo from lesson theme.

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TangoMoves Inspirational Quotes

updated 16.5 .2024
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