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Regular Tango Lessons (Chania & Rethimno)

So, first things first

Lessons are off. We have postponed all our classes.

Things are getting pretty serious so it's better to play it safe.


we do also have serious suggestions to keep our common -tango- love alive,

We have already prepare a set of video clips that are including the current subjects that our regular classes were working on.

We got you covered!!

 These videos have the full set of material, theory ,topics, drills and extra solo exercises,

so when you hit the dancefloor, you will be better than before!

  We are already working on our new subjects and we are also available for your private requests on lessons/videos on demand!

  Stay safe! There are so many that we can do together! May this be an another chance to study, explore, develop and grow!

Send us a message here or at frinitango@gmail.com

Explanatory videos by F&D

Gain access to information and teaching advices that you can recall over and over again. Beyond our basic packs, you can explore even more sophisticated material and techniques, or ask for advice with a video specialy tailor made!


Find Your Way! Study with your comort and evolve at your personal pace and time.

Ask for annotation and counseling on a personal level. (with video or skype )

Find out what  we do through these video lessons by sending us an email .

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Thoughts,ideas and more

We believe in improvisation.

We believe to the “ If it works, it works” mechanics

We choose these principals even for our “formal” performances.


Our efforts to transmit this principals as teachers, is a constant adventure, and we are grateful to our students for giving us these experiences. In our blog you can see our recent points of view. Don't take them too seriously. We don't.

Frini and Dimitris

Without further input, technique cultivates the way of doing things. The more we study, the more we dig in, the mere technique bring us to the essence of tango  which is respect for the other.

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