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Dancing Tango Argentino in Chania. Join us and get all the buzz/fun/addiction you can get from the local scene.

Friday Practica "Zari"

Friday Practica "Zari"

Αναπαραγωγή βίντεο
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tango holidays in crete/ tango lucido chania

Group classes 
Private classes 
Solo technique-musicality-choreo 


Define your tango

tangomoves by frini

Thoughts Ideas and more

Our inner thoughs about tango in our blog.

Frini Dimitris tango lessons

Milongas in Chania

Alive again!

milongas in chania

Online tango video lessons

Gain access to information and teaching advices that you can recall over and over again. Beyond our basic packs, you can explore even more sophisticated material and techniques, or ask for advice with a video specialy tailor made!


Find Your Way! Study with your comort and evolve at your personal pace and time.

Ask for annotation and counseling on a personal level. (with video or skype )

Find out what  we do through these video lessons by sending us an email .

frini and dimitris video lessons

De seis a siete project

 A project about the perception of the average tango dancer

KEEP your tango ALIVE
updated 16.5 .2024
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