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De Seis a Siete experiment

No right or wrong answer here .Just a  question of taste:

Which one you like more ?  Green or Orange?

Say why if you want



This is a project in order to sharp the perception of the average tango dancer.

Both of the performances are not choreos. We have been dancing together for so long, and we have been loving this song for so long so we could not ruin the pleasure of actually dancing it , with a choreography.


We have been using this concept for quite of our performances and it was a risk every single time.

Flashing movements and eye candies after all is a soft spot for anyone.


But by the end of the presentation is a relief to see that the majority of people are getting it.

Not all. But most of them.

In our surprise, the non tango audiences have a very well established perception of what makes sense in the terms of musicality.

(Actually an even better perception compared to dancers .This really makes you think..)

Do we need to know the lyrics ?

On a similar subject this is an excerpt video from a teaching project "analyzing Adios Corazon".

Do we need to know the lyrics to dance profound our favorite tango?

Is our tango improved if we dig  in the lyrics and in castellano language?

(If you want to see the rest of the project "Analyzing Adios Corazon"

contact us! )

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